MyCoinBids CryptoAuction Affiliate Program Pre-launch #mycoinbids

Join MyCoinBids Affiliate Program and
Receive 50 FREE Tokens to use on MyCoinBids auction.
Invite friends to purchase tokens during MyCoinBids pre-launch using your link.
Share your link directly, or post it to social media, for even more referrals.
Earn 10% affiliate bonus on every purchase via your referral link on 3 levels of your downline.
Buy MyCoinBids Shares and enjoy up to 200% multiple returns on your investment.
Plus receive up to 50% in MyCoinBids auction tokens on every purchase.

Only at MyCoinBids auction you will have a chance to bid on plenty of Crypto items for as low as 80% below market price.
Sign up today and watch your wallet grow.

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