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Affiliate Marketing Product Research for Dummies [ Sell Or Be Sold ]

So researching a product as an affiliate marketer is not as crucial as a stop as you would suspect. In the case of a trend or of fad as some people would call it. If it’s just your average Joe stereo typical product it’s not super important about what you’re promoting in your niche, it’s far more important to Be able to convince someone to buy the product from you. When looking for a product I typically follow these three guidelines as an affiliate marketer.
1. I want to make sure the product has a decent review as in people don’t hate the product. The reason you want to do this is because in most cases people will look up the product you’re promoting seeing if it’s any good. If it has nothing but bad reviews odds are you won’t make many conversions. Search for good testimonials. This is called social proof.
2. Try to look for high ticket products. Now this isn’t a crucial buyers component although as an Affiliate marketer you want to sell my ticket items so that you earn in a higher commission. It’s a basic concept of if you want to sell $1000 worth of stuff is easier to sell $1000.00 $1.00 items or or 10 $100 items? I’ll let you answer it and figure it out. It is just about as easy to sell a high ticket product as a low ticket product.
3. This will slightly increase your conversions. As an affiliate marketer it’s great to get your customer a top-tier product. That means that the product has several price options for the buyer. It is a lot easier to convert a product with several buyer options versus a fixed price. It is a simple concept of many people want the product but some can afford it and some cannot.
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